soooooo is no one going to say ANYTHING about how this woman is full of shit?

like oh, you needed a fat suit to learn that fat people aren’t treated well? OR HOW ABOUT YOU JUST LISTEN TO THE ENDLESS STORIES FROM ACTUAL FAT WOMEN WHO COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THIS IN TWO SECONDS

you needed a fat suit to show that people don’t like when people use “fake” images …. I GET IT THAT IT’S SUPPOSEDLY STILL THE SAME PERSON but i mean, this is why i keep my pics up to date, because i don’t want to put myself through this

I’d be just as displeased if some guy showed up looking 40 when he said he was 25 (has happened), so I mean, what is this experiment proving other than “people on dating sites expect you to look like your photo, regardless of what you look like/weigh”

and you couldn’t find an actually fat woman for this entirely POINTLESS “experiment”

my body is not your fucking costume

the struggles and hardships i face from a fatphobic society don’t come off at the end of the day. I can’t unzip my oppression and slide it off


Like oh, you felt bad because some guys left you while in a fat suit? But you KNOW you get to take it off later. You KNOW this isn’t something you’ve dealt with for 20+ years, and likely won’t have to ever experience once the suit is gone. 

Wear that suit, EVERY DAY, even in the shower, for 20+ years, FROM CHILDHOOD, THEN fucking tell me what you’ve learned. Until then, get the fuck out of my face with this social experiment bullshit

The thing that makes me mad about this experiment is they are trying to show the stigma of being fat… How society shuns fat people, and how people react to fat… But they are making “fat” a bad thing EVEN more. And the thing about this is these men are being lied to and tricked and have reactions like this because of the lying, not because of the fat suit. I would assume they would have the same reaction if they were talking to a white girl in her tinder pic and she showed up as another nationality, or if they were talking to a very curvy girl and she showed up rail thin. The fact is men are taught this from birth…to have too much pride, and to take not getting what they want or what they expect very personally….which turns them in to rude and awful people. Women on the other hand are more understanding and fair and we are taught that from birth as well. The women who were part of the second experiment were just as upset about being tricked, but more open to the the man’s differences and the situation. This is why we need feminism. And this is also why we need to stop doing experiments like this where “fat” is just another negative. There are plenty of people who enjoy curvy people and fat people, it’s when you feel insecure about yourself and you don’t love who you are…. That’s when the word “fat” becomes something offensive and hurtful to you. I have struggled with my weight my whole life, but the confidence I have and the love I have for my body would help me to not feel so bad if a guy thought I looked a little bigger than my pictures and didn’t want to stay on the date. Who gives a fuck about him.. His loss. Also… No one should be lying in their profile pics… If you are lying you’re defeating the purpose of online dating… Theses people were cat-fished with a fat suit. It has nothing to do with being fat. I’m fat… But I’ve had plenty of boyfriends and men who found me attractive especially on tinder..because I showed my real pics and who I really was. This is all about being lied too and a really shitty experiment.